Brandon Jennings on Rondo: "I thought at one point we were going to start fighting"

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:
“It was the first quarter,” Jennings said. “I thought at one point we were going to start fighting, but nobody wants to give up that money.”

“I just tried not to get caught up in it,” Jennings said. “He’s going to talk mess. That’s who Rondo is as a point guard.

“The main thing is, you’ve just got to keep going at him. I knew I wasn’t 100% tonight so why not just go out there and try to get a triple-double.”

Credit Pass The Pill for the original find.

The money and because you didn't want to come out of the fight looking like this right Brandon? Anyone know when this Brandon Jennings vs. Rajon Rondo fight nearly happened? I must have missed it. Or is Jennings exaggerating after the fact?