Thoughts from last night's "win"

My sister and I with a pair of Rondo's game shoes!
I was lucky enough to attend the game last night in DC. I went with my mom and sister and had awesome seats about 10 rows up. This gave me a chance to really watch the Celtics up close and personal, and what I saw was a team that is still working on finding its identity. 

The Wizards are a terrible basketball team. I said before the game that if we didn't win by 25+ it would be a disappointment. In retrospect it kind of makes sense that they played so lackadaisical. They were on the 2nd game of a back to back, were coming off a depressing loss in their home opener, and were playing a bad team missing its two best players. Letdown city.

I think the issue here are the new guys figuring out their roles. Jeff Green probably will never be as good as I or any of us hoped, but I think he will be better than he has shown so far. It is all about confidence with him. He needs to believe he can be great. As far as Jason Terry goes, those open shots will start dropping. It is just a matter of time. I'm not worried about him. Darko looks so goofy up close. I wish he could be good but I have my doubts. Courtney Lee seems like he is still trying to figure out his role as well. Figuring out roles will be a reoccuring theme these first few months.

There were some good things I saw as well.  Rondo is even more incredible up close than on TV. The guy is so freaking quick and shifty. KG is a coach on the court. Best teammate in the league. Paul Pierce's footwork is beautiful to watch. The way he can create space is something to appreciated by any basketball lover. Also, I'm not sure if it is because the Wizards fans are so lame or that the Celtics have such a big fan base, but it was like 90 percent Celtics fans there. I go to these games every year and every year there is a higher and higher percentage of Boston fans. It's awesome and a little sad at the same time.

The highlight of the night came when we got a pair of Rondo's game shoes (Picture above with my sister). My mom goes to the gym with one of Wyc's friends and he texted Wyc that we were at the game.  My sister doesn't know it yet but I am taking both of them.  Overall an awesome night but was hoping for a blow out victory especially after a 19-2 start. I fully expect the Celtics to dominate on Wednesday and win by 20 plus. We are going to be fine. Don't go worrying just yet.