Should we be worried?

Is it a bit early to be worried?

Our Boston Celtics haven't exactly started the season off as many of us hoped or expected, sitting right at .500 through the first twelve games thus far. Some players may be still finding their new role with the team, others may just be flat out under performing, so should we be worried about anything at this point in the season?

Personally, I'm worried a little. Our (soon to be) 3-man punch off the bench (Green, Lee, and Terry) has been inconsistent in their play so far and we desperately need to get Kevin some help down low. Wilcox has come back from injury playing very well, running the floor and catching a ton of lobs from Rondo, but he is no defense powerhouse or a serious offensive threat. I don't want to declare any trades (or firing of coaches - cough *Lakers* cough) so soon, but I think Danny should seriously consider making a push for a legitimate front court mate with KG.

Another point I'm worried about is our team defense. When Bradley gets back, our defense will not immediately solve itself and become perfect/unbreakable, other guys like Green, Terry, etc need to learn Doc's defensive schemes. It was pretty absurd that we gave up 103 points to a terrible DETROIT PISTONS team. Thats clearly not acceptable and thats not Celtics defense  by any means.

Our roster is incredible on paper. Three perennial All Stars in the starting lineup, 2 former 6th Men of the Year on our bench, youth and athleticism in Lee, Bradley, Green, etc. Depth is there, but the play is not up to par (yet). If the guys don't get it together don't be surprised if Danny sends them away for a Marcin Gortat, a Kenyon Martin, or my wish - Josh Smith (I know its not as likely, don't shoot me).

Enjoy your Thanksgiving everyone!