Polish press reads Celticslife, links Gortat to C's

The recent struggles the Celtics are having to control the paint seem to connect with the fight of disgruntled center Marcin Gortat to have the right role in his team. Gortat would fit like a glove in this team alongside KG in the starting lineup and it seems that the match would make sense for both sides.

It seems NBA fans around here have been aware of the articles in this blog, as Celticslife appears in several reports around the web (my translation):
In the website "Celtics Life" fans talked about the transfer. They even made a photo manipulation of Gortat with the Celtics jersey.

It would be great to see the Polish player in Boston! He doesn't fit into the "new" Suns and can leave the team soon. He and Rajon Rondo would work wonderfully together. When Gortat played with Nash his talent exploded. There is no doubt he should be Green (Celtics color). He is a fantastic center, whom we need -was the general feeling in the site

Several Polish newspapers have cited Boston's interest in Gortat as real, making it look as if the Celtics were actively in talks with Phoenix:

The Boston Celtics are ready to trade for Gortat, and will soon present a specific proposal to the Phoenix Suns. On Monday, they waived the contract with Serbian center Darko Milicic. 

This last quote is particularly intriguing since there are not any other reports whatsoever in the American websites about this. Whether there is something real or it is just a desire of the journalist to see his countryman find a better role in the league remains to be seen. In order to do this, the Celtics would need to find a package that would entice the Suns, probably including Avery Bradley.

What is clear is that Polish fans are ready to become Celtics fans and to become daily readers of Celticslife in the process.

Stay tuned for more news on Gortat.