Rondo's assist streak now of "Stocktonian" proportions

Rondo may pass Stockton Wednesday, then tie Stockton on Friday.
Just in case you haven't felt enough of the Rajon Rondo love going around Celtics Life lately, here's one more nugget of information for you:

The C's point guard recorded 12 assists in Washington on Saturday night.  Dating back to March 11th of last spring, it marks the 27th consecutive regular season game Rondo has had 10 or more assists.  That ties him for the 4th longest such streak in NBA history.

John Stockton actually twice posted 27 game double digit assist streaks, in 1990 and '91.  Stockton also has the 2nd and 3rd best streaks of this kind; 29 games in '92, and 37 straight in '89.

The all-time record belongs to Magic Johnson in 1983-84.  Amazingly there are statistical bookkeeping discrepancies though, and it is unclear if Magic's streak was 44 or 46 games.  If Rondo starts getting close, I imagine the true number will come to light.

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