E'Twaun Moore leads Orlando Magic to 2-0 start

Earlier I mentioned that former Celtic center Greg Stiemsma has gotten off to a nice start with his new team, Not to go unnoticed is another former Celtic, E'Twaun Moore, who started at point guard for the Orlando Magic tonight, as they improved to 2-0. Moore notched 15 points, 6 assists, 3 steals, and 3 rebounds. In the Magic opener Moore chipped in 13 points, 5 rebounds, and 3 assists off the bench.

The Celtics preferred to keep Moore, but the Rockets desired his non-guaranteed contract in the Courtney Lee deal. I wouldn't have been surprised if the Celtic picked Moore back up after the rockets waived him, but new NBA rules prohibit this. I has thought that Chicago might be a good landing spot for Moore, but it looks like Orlando is serving him well. Great for him, but kind of sucks for us. Am I the only one who thinks he would have been the best back-up point guard option for Rondo this season? I like both Terry and Barbosa, but they are both shooting guards. When they play the point you're definitely not getting the most out of them.

Who knows if Moore can keep this up. If he does, good for him, but he'll also be the one that got away for Danny. Not knocking the Courtney Lee trade. You have to make that trade. Just would have liked to have seen Moore not be included.

Oh and before anyone asks why we're writing about former players, I'll say this site is called Celtics Life for a reason. We cover the this year's team, greats of the past, Celtics that have moved on to new teams, and even little known guys from the past that you might one day wonder what the hell happened to him?