Rondo owes Sully a beer (once he turns 21 of course)

So at this point we all know that Rondo kept his double digit assist streak alive last night in Detroit, thanks to a flurry of assists at the end of a blowout loss. But what I didn't notice, until Chris Forsberg brought it up, was that each of the final four assists came courtesy of Jared Sullinger buckets.

Sully does not turn 21 until March, but if Rondo is able to keep this streak this going long enough to pass either Stockton or Magic, his first legal beer may be on #9. At the very least, it should provide a nice little confidence boost to Sullinger, knowing that he came through for his teammate.

Sullinger ended up with 16 points last night, leading the team for the first time in his young career. He's now averaging 5.0 points and 4.2 rebounds in a little less than 18 minutes a game this season.

As for the streak, when asked if the C's lone goal as the game wound down was extending it, Doc was his normal candid self.

When I called the timeout I said, 'Guys, we're going to lose the game, by the way. Let's not play crazy, but if we can get him two more, let's do it. If not, that's it.' First time we've done that.

Agree or disagree with the decision to chase the streak, you've got to respect the honestly from Doc.

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