Celtics 10th in ESPN power rankings

The last Celtics #10, JoJo White
It's Monday, so that means Marc Stein has released ESPN's latest edition of the NBA power rankings.  Boston checks in at #10 (up one spot from #11 last week), which seems about right for a team with high expectations muddling along at 6-5.  Although I do think the Celtics probably should be ahead of the 4-4 Hawks at #9, and maybe even the #7 Lakers (5-5).

But the big surprise of the week is the new #1: The 8-1 Memphis Grizzlies (the third team at the top so far this season, following Miami and San Antonio), coming off victories over Miami, Oklahoma City, and New York.  As always, these ranking are just a "current state of affairs;" I can't imagine anyone would really believe the Knicks are the 2nd best team in the league, or that Miami is the 5th for that matter.

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