Nets vs. Celtics "Brawl" (Full Video)

Here's the video of the full altercation that took place in last nights game. This video shows several different angles of the incident.

Most people are saying that it was just pushing and shoving, and hoping that Rondo's punishment will not be too harsh. From what I saw in this video it may very well come down to the perception of the league. We always hear that there are tougher penalties handed out to players that throw punches. Some of the "experts" are saying three to five games. One fan even suggested that he may get a seven game suspension. I know, seven seems a little harsh. But we all know that Rondo has a history and unfortunately the league may take that into consideration, so three to five games may not be to far off.

I myself, felt like Rondo should have controlled his temper, but I do understand that he was defending his teammate. I'm hoping that Stern and his regime aren't too harsh, but I'm also realistic.

I understand that you're on Rondo's side, but I'm asking for your honest opinion. Does it look as though Rondo threw punches? How many games do you think the league might give Rondo?

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