A collection of the best @KrisHumphries mentions on Twitter

Since we only post our Green Envy (formerly known as Comments from the Other Side) segment after Celtics' victories, I thought that in its place I would compile some of the funniest reactions on Twitter to Kris Humphries' tweet about the scratches he received from Rajon Rondo during their altercation (above).

Kim Kardashian jokes abound, plus a tweet from someone who claims to be Jay Z's nephew. Which is your favorite?

@KrisHumphries Just ask the doctor who gave you the shots for the STDs Kim gave you? Oh wait, it was all 4 show, u <3 the D! #attentionwhore

I hope my uncle Jay, gets rid of your sorry ass! Stupid bum bitch. You was so foul & disrespectful tonight.

you spent 6 months penetrating a cum dumpster, if you're not dead yet, you're fine
Oh shit…… RT ": Hahahaha Kanye paid Rondo… "  

are you sure those scratches weren't just marks from your bra?

Nowhere to be found, like your maturity.  

should be thanking he ain't got this much time on tv since he got kicked off keeping up with the kardashians lol 

funny thing is you pulled his shirt over his face/head. Little Rondo knocking you to the ground got you a bit embarrassed? 

How you loose The fight for Kim K's love n you loose a fight to Someone smaller then you Lol you jus hood at takin L's in lyf 

You weak sauce, Rondo put you to sleep, then woke you up. Your the Shawn Bradley of this generation.

Lucky for you Rondo is like half your size. Imagine what he'd have done if he was bigger? Now stop your cryin.

probably the same aisle you buy your tampons and menstrual pills in...Shoved around by rondo?

is a freakin wimp for acting like a baby after a little scratch. What's tweeting about it gonna do when it was deserved?  

You got tossed by a dude half your size though “: Anyone know where I can get a quick Tetanus shot in Boston?" 

bump into kim after the game , u 1 trick pony? You spell like you shoot free throws

watchu gonna do about ur face though?

Dating Kim Again?

yea I think its 1800-

this is exactly why left you

got his as kicked by Rondo then tweets a picture