NBA News: Bynum shut down "indefinitely." Lin likely all-star starter

A couple news items from around the Association this Sunday morning. Looks like the Andrew Bynum trade continues to get worse for the 76ers (and more of a highway robbery for the Lakers) as Philly's GM is now admitting that Bynum will be out for a lengthy period. This is confirmation from our report earlier this week that Bynum is likely out for the season.
''We don't know when he'll be back. Only Andrew's body can answer that question. When he feels better, we can step up the rehab program. We just have to wait to see how he reacts to the rehab.''

''We want to put this behind us now and focus on the rest of our team. We don't know when he's coming back, but we have a good team out there.

Elsewhere, Yahoo! Sports Marc Spears (one of the best in the business) is reporting that Jeremy Lin will likely be voted in as a Western Conference all-star starter.
"The pressure will get stronger when Lin returns to New York on Dec. 17. But where it could be the biggest headache is during All-Star weekend in Houston, where he will likely get voted in as a starting guard over Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook and Steve Nash thanks to heavy support from Chinese voters. There is no way the host Rockets and the always globally conscious NBA would let him turn the roster spot down."
I tend to agree with Spears here. Paul, Westbrook, Parker, etc could still win the 2nd spot, well that is if Kobe Bryant didn't exist and didn't play in L.A. Expect a big controversy about this in the coming months. People used to complain about Yao Ming starting over Shaq, but Yao was at least an elite player. In a way I feel bad for Lin, as I'm sure this isn't the way he dreamed of becomeing an NBA all-star.

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