Here came Chris Wilcox to save the night

Chris Wilcox returned last night, and boy what a return it was. I know one expects a loaded stat sheet after such a sentence, yet Wilcox's impact was not measurable that way. After all, 6 points and 2 rebounds and 1 block would hardly give your fantasy team a push. Yet he did that in 221 seconds. Yep, you read it right. Below you'll find a text-based proof of his impact.

Yes, for about 2 minutes, he did everything.
How impressive was this performance? Well, just ask Doc:

I thought Chris Wilcox saved the game for us, singlehandedly, with his effort," Celtics coach Doc Rivers said. "And I thought it was obvious. He didn't do anything but played hard and played with great effort.

Source: ESPN Boston

This Celtics team has had many issues so far, yet two big ones are the hole that forms in the middle when Garnett leaves the court and the lack of aggressiveness that they have for about 75% of the time every game. However, Wilcox showed us (and the team, hopefully) that it is easy to address those issues. Just play with heart, play with energy, and it will come.

Now, I definitely don't want to get carried away. After all, I was really impressed with Green's preseason performance (not the numbers but the aggressiveness and self-confidence) and that faded away pretty quickly. Wilcox, however, is a different story. One month before his condition was discovered last year, Wilcox had already started contributing in a big way. His pace and energy seemed to match Rondo's skill set perfectly. Last night, the turnover he forced and the and-one that followed showed that they could start from where they left off.

Welcome back Wilcox. You were the most under-appreciated signing in the off-season, yet you have produced the biggest impact so far. So, thank you.

PS: As the title suggests, I'm going to call Wilcox "Mighty Mouse" should he continue to perform like that. He's a strong but undersized Center who needed less than 4 minutes to shift the momentum in Celtics' favor. Makes sense, right?