Doc's dilemma

The Celtics mantra has and always will be "we got to grind it out." they have no choice, given how their season is going.  It all boils down to trust and learning how to play in a different way.

Last year's role players were great defenders, but couldn't find the hoop when it mattered. That anemic Game Seven in the  Eastern Conference Finals was oh so  painful to watch.  This year's  roster is supposed to be on par with the 2007-08 bunch, with a little more potential for an offensive explosion.

Boston needs all of its players to find their place at the feeding trough after Garnett, Pierce and Rondo. Preferably it will be Jeff Green who shows up next at the trough.  You can see that the team needs him to be aggressive. The question is how do you get it out of him?

ESPNBoston's Greg Payne quotes Rondo:

Said Rajon Rondo: "For us, we need guys to come out of their comfort zone and do something that they're not comfortable with." 

This is where Doc needs to change his approach a little bit. He needs to put the ball in Uncle Jeff's hands when he is with the second unit. This will accomplish two things. First, you can rest Rondo; second it will force Green to be more involved in the game.

Rondo goes on to say:

"You know, we've got the right guys, we've got the right mindset," said Rondo. "It's just a matter of doing it." 

I also think Doc needs to run a bit more of a flex offense, instead of that 4-high base set he loves to run.  It will help alleviate some of the stagnancy that happens when KG is not on the court.

The Celtics have an opportunity this week to do nothing but play ball, because of the 5 games in 7 nights schedule.  This stretch will really speak volumes about the heart of the role players and their  mental toughness.