Doc: "I don't know if I want my 6-foot guard being the enforcer"

Doc spoke at length about Rondo's actions against the Nets at today's (technically yesterday's but you know what I'm saying) practice, and it's clear that the C's coach was not overly impressed with #9's behavior, nor with how the team has played lately. Doc fielded an array of questions on the fight, and found it funny when one reporter asked if the team could rally around 'Rondo the enforcer'.

I don’t know if I want to rally around my 6-foot guard being the enforcer. That’s nice but at the end of the day, if that’s the threat you’re sending, the other team has to feel [good].

Indeed they do. Other teams also have felt good lately thanks to the Celts atrocious rebounding. No the Green have never been a good offensive rebounding team, but their defensive rebounding has slipped badly. In two games vs. New Jersey this season, the Celtics have allowed a whopping 35 offensive rebounds. Doc is not impressed by this.

We’re getting mauled on the rebounds every night. So, if I’m another coach, I have to tell my team, ‘Guys, they’re not very physical. they’re not blocking out, they’re not putting bodies on anybody. You can attack this team.’ Until we stop the attack, they’re going to keep doing it.

Watching Doc you can see the frustration mounting. This team has a lot of talent, but they are digging themselves a hole. 2.5 games behind the Nets and Knicks, both of whom are not short in the talent department either. And now the team gears up for a back to back against Portland and Milwaukee without their best player. Yes the season is still young, but it's getting older every minute.

Video courtesy Mike Petraglia of Green Street

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