Comments from the Other Side - Wizards 11/4

Talk about a fan base that has been beaten down. I really feel bad for them. Even in the Celtics worst years during that 22 year absence from championships I don't ever recall talking about the Lottery 2 games into the season. As always, there's the refs complaints. That's to be expected because these days, refs blow calls on both sides in just about every game. There's also the wheelchair mention. That's pretty much a given these days too. Enjoy today's first winning Comments from the other side, the first of many!

I think the Wiz have a legitimate chance to beat the C's if they stop Rondo from.going bananas. They don't have to shut him down, they can't, but he can't have one of his triple double I'm the best point guard in the league games

They are going to murder us. If we lose by 1-10 points, consider this a victory. If we lose by 11-20 points, a tie. 21 or more a loss. That will even the odds and make it exciting.

Would not shock me to see the Wizards win this, because the Cs are still trying to find an identity and they are an older team with high expectations.

With the Celtics on a back-to-back, I like our chances. However, at the same time, the Celtics will likely be angry after last nights debacle. My gut says that this will be a close game, but we will lose a nail biter at the end.

So who going to make the 2012-13 draft lotto thread?

Listening to the hype man introduce our roster to the crowd, you could hear a pin drop after he announces each name. We have some terrible fans.

Well there are a lot of Boston fans there, even though that's basically a testament of how terrible the fanbase is.

Bounceback game for Beal Especially if he is up against Barbosa or Terry

Courtney Lee is pretty good on defense though, otherwise I agree

This crowd is the most depressing thing ever.

Damn just realized I have to deal with Heinson tonight

My condolences

Courtney Lee is on beal like a glove...who is literally just standing around looking star struck

KG please accidental elbow to the mouth of our rookie, please!!

Refs tried to show mercy with a sympathy layup And we couldn’t even make that

LOL....we might be worse than the bobcats this year

Def. An offensive charge. Refs just felt sorry for us

And this is how we start our home opener, pathetic

We're just lowering expectations The better to take the league by storm

Rondo looking unstoppable on the p-n-r 5 assists already

So Rondo has a J now?

Every other team's PnR game just looks so much more fluid/executed better than ours..

PnR is tough to play against the Celtics

How are the C's giving us the business on a back to back

Going better with the bench guys in Hopefully the Cs just came out embarrassed but don’t have the stamina to keep that 1st quarter stuff up.

They are old and playing back to back.. Lets hope so

Sullinger too strong for Vesely

Boston I really don’t think they are good. Maybe it’s due to the back to back, but they don’t look contender worthy like everyone seems to think

I agree with your thoughts Their best players are aging. But I guess we will see again on Wednesday… they will be better rested then

I think people started changing their minds after they got curbstomped by MIL last night

If Rondo is going to hit 3's then this game is going to be over very soon.

Question: why aren't a lot of you guys watching the game at the VC?

BC I'd rather watch the wizards stink it up from the comfort of my own home.

I would have been arrested for assault if I was in the same building as that many Celtics fans

Because Boston fans pay ridiculous prices for our tickets?

Pierce is just screwing with us now

Where is our Paul Pierce limiter?

Rondo just toying with that lay-up

JET used to be automatic didn't he?

Damn, Jason terry is awful

I fear that layup will get Terry going :(

If Crawford goes down Beal better step the hell up !!!

Hopefully he'll pull a Paul Pierce and come back in about 5 minutes from now

In a wheelchair on dubs!!

Difference is....Paul Pierce faked it.

Rondo!! NO WAY He swooshed it too Only against the wizards

Rondo's hands are freakishly big He palmed that ball out of midair with ease..

How many times do u have to burnt by the pirece 3 before u learn

Sounds like Boston South in there

After that 1st quarter Who would’ve thought we’d be here right now??

I was ready to bail on the SEASON after 24-8

Win or lose, I'm going to love hearing about how fraudulent the Celtics are on Monday

No Pierce 3, that's all I want

Can there ever be fouls called on Garnett?????? Like... Ever?

If refs want to get murdered.. Yes.. Lol

I hate Garnett as much as anyone in the NBA He gets the most star calls out of everyone out there. From the moving picks, to the aggressive elbows and pushes, to the holds on players, he pisses me right the hell off.

Celtics are good

They lost to a glorified D-League team by 3 And it’s 3 games into their season.

The end of the game depended a lot on the refs today And once again were partial to the Celtics over the Wizards

Only 80 more games till We start looking forward to the lottery.

Well we play the C's next again With that fake crowd noise

Rondo's miracle shot basically won the game. That's annoying.