Capers, chief official, explains the Ts and ejections

Here is some information for those who haven't slept yet: Howard Beck of New York Times (@howardbecknyt) has spoken with James Capers, official 1 of tonight's game, and tweeted a bunch will all the explanations about the rulings.

We know that NBA takes "fights" seriously since Malice at the Palace, so I expect Rondo to be out for at least 3 games unfortunately.

If you're looking for a silver lining, last year Celtics came together when they were battling with multiple injuries and the team did great (given the expectations) in Rondo's absence in general. That he was suspended defending KG probably won't go unnoticed among his teammates, and hopefully that will light some fire and get rid of the certainly undesired softness we have on court. Celtics have started suffering from defensio nulla in prima parte again, and as long as that syndrome persists we're not going to see a pretty picture out there.