Being in a Celtics state-of-mind

For all the doom and gloom, the Celtics are now a .500 team. That doesn't sound so bad now does it?  The Celtics know it has to be a slow-grind given the age of two of their core players.  The young Washington Wizards called the C's old and their intentions were to run them into the ground.  Washington power forward, Kevin Seraphin is doing just what he did last year; he continued to abuse KG in this match-up.

All of this, as ESPN's Chris Berman says,"rumblin, bumblin, stumblin" will payoff in the dog days of a seven game series.  Brandon Bass gets it now.  He doesn't have to fear losing his manhood, because a rookie took him out of the starting line-up.  He still got his minutes and he was there when it mattered, when the game was on the line.

Jason Terry, stopped trying to fly VFR(visual flight rules), switched to IFR(instrument fly rules), and played on instinct. Wilcox contributed and somewhere over the rainbow we will find Jeff Green's game.

Jet, Bass and Uncle Jeff are the core of the bench; Courtney Lee and Avery Bradley when he returns will bring defense to balance this offensive-minded trio.  This bench really has the potential to save the legs of Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce.

Doc still has to find some relief for Rondo, but help may be on the way.  The Maine Red Claws have picked up former Wizard, Shelvin Mack.  The same Mack who was part of that Cinderella team from Butler.  This may make Jason Collins expendable.

I am in a Celtics state-of-mind and look forward to what the team will be when the second season begins.