Will the Celts watch the King get his ring?

I had to add this to make me feel better about Lebron getting a ring.
It hasn’t been announced yet if the Celtics are going to stand and watch the Real Housewives of Miami raise their banner and receive their rings. The Green have the choice to either stay for the festivities or retreat to the locker room till the South Beach club-esque laser show is over. It’s going to be a bigger joke than an episode of Honey Boo-Boo.

If I’m Doc rivers I have my guys stand and watch, let them take it in, and use it as motivation for those bleak games in February that are tough to get pumped for. Not that this team needs any more motivation, between the veterans that were here last year and Doc, this team will amped more than ever. It will actually be pretty funny to see Judas Shuttlesworth stand there awkwardly like an 8 year old during Christmas who's not getting any presents.

I will bet everything I own that Lebron is going to eat this ceremony up. He’s going to gloat, flex, and brag about how great he is, similar to their "welcome party." This ring ceremony is going to give the C’s so much bulletin board material for the not one… not two… not three… FOUR times they play this year and hopefully for the rest of the season. I’m hoping KG gets so pissed off from this that he punches Bosh in his stupid Bostrich face. It’s going to make me sick to my stomach watching those teaming-up bunch of frauds get their rings, but it will make it even sweeter for when we beat them in June and I hope Doc feels the same way.

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