Breaking news: Ray Allen still hasn't moved on

Another day, another Ray Allen story. Sigh.

This time Ray-Ray sat down and with Jackie Mac and dished about the deterioration of his relationships with both Doc and Rondo, among other Celtic related items.

Some takeaways, with Allen's quotes from the article:

- Allen is absolutely delusional when it comes to how much talent remains in his now 37 year old body.

I don't know why they [stopped using me] as much. It's hard to say.

And as the years went by, there was less and less for me. Why? That's a question you'd have to ask Doc.

Ray I'll give you a hint about why the Celtics stopped using you as much, BECAUSE YOU TURNED 34, AND THEN 35, AND THEN 36 YEARS OLD. Apologies for the caps lock anger but damn it the point needs to be made. As phenomenal of shape as Allen kept in throughout his tenure here, there is no doubt that his production slipped a bit from '08 to '12. His per 36 scoring numbers dipped from 17.5 in 2008 down to 15.1 last season, and that decrease was directly related to it becoming more and more difficult for Allen to get open. He wasn't slipping around screen's quite as fast, and it was becoming a chore to get him enough quality looks. Throw in the emergence of Rondo as a playmaker and of course Allen was going to score less. KG and Pierce scored less too, but you didn't hear them bitch and moan about it.

- As much as Allen tried to make this article about "Moving on" from the Celts, he is still very much butthurt about nearly being traded.

I told him I didn't like it. I told him I didn't want to leave Boston. He said, 'I hope you understand my position.' I said, 'I know you have to build this team for the future, but I'm not happy about it.

Sometimes I wonder if Allen truly understands that this is a profession. I mean there is no doubting that he is a really smart guy, but the grudge he holds about the times he was nearly traded tell me he doesn't get it. Listen Ray, The NBA is a tough business. Some times you get traded, some times you get hurt, and some day someone is going to tell you that you aren't good enough to play anymore. But in the meantime you make a hell of a living to play a game that we all love. I understand not liking it, but still talking about it 8 months later? Move on.

- Ray cares about his legacy here a tremendous amount.

I'm always going to be a Celtic, no matter what, It's always going to be in my veins. Once you live there and play for that team and win a championship, it doesn't matter where you go. You're always going to be a boston Celtic.

No Ray you're not. Not for the next 3 years at least, and really, never again. As much as I respect your decision to head to Miami (hey this is a business anyways), that decision severed basically every relationship you had here. KG isn't talking to you, Doc wants nothing to do with you, and the fans..well the fans will have plenty to say on January 27th. But most of it won't be very nice.

Your contributions in 2008 will always be remembered, as will your shortcomings in 2010 (Game 2 not withstanding). You're just another guy now; a guy who won a ring, played hard, came up short at times, and burned his bridges.

You're a business man who made a business decision and that decision has ramifications, you're not a Celtic anymore.

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