What if the Celtics go "big?"

In the past we've often heard about the Celtics versatility, and their ability to roll out small lineups that create match up problems for other teams. But this year they also have the option of going in the other direction, and using their size as an advantage. Against the Sixers yesterday Doc Rivers started Kevin Garnett, Brandon Bass, Paul Pierce, Jeff Green, and Rajon Rondo.

Guarding Green could be a nightmare for two-guards like Evan Turner.
Obviously the key to this plan for Boston is playing the 6'9" Green at the shooting guard position. His size and athleticism pose a variety of difficulties for opposing defenders. Last night he was the game's leading rebounder (10) and shot blocker (4); but also displayed his quickness by repeatedly taking the ball to the hole for an assortment of layups, dunks, and one spectacular finger roll. He's shown some range as well, knocking down 40% (8-20) of his three-point attempts this preseason.

I'm curious to see how often Doc actually uses this "big" lineup going forward, but it's definitely an intriguing option to have with a healthy and effective Jeff Green.

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