We're looking to add a couple new writers for the upcoming season

Want to write for the most popular independently owned and operated Celtics blog? We don't post ads looking for writers often, but we are looking to add a couple Celtics diehards to our team. A few disclaimers to mention first. We are not looking for occasional writers. We want Bleed Green obsessed diehards who will write daily. By daily we mean every day. We want people who read the newswire and follow the who's who on twitter and can post breaking news when it happens. We want people that can post recaps and write opinion pieces. Not just fan boy stuff like "Rondo is great." Columns like that are great and all. I love Rondo too, but we also want people who are willing to write stuff like why did Ainge draft Fab Melo over PJ3? or the Celtics should trade either Bradley or Lee for Smith. Even if I don't agree with every opinion of all the writers on here, I like pieces that bring about debate. Too many bloggers just recycle the same puff pieces over and over.

So to some of the disclaimers, we probably won't add you to the team (or keep you) if you rarely write and when you do it's vanilla and bland. I mean lame humor is worse that no humor (If you haven't been told by many people that you're funny, then you're probably not funny), but we do like writers that are entertaining. So again please only apply for this position if you're committed to writing daily.

Why you should want to write for Celtics Life? Well first of all we're awesome, so being associated with us would make you awesome as well. You'll get a lot of exposure to your writing as we get over 1,000,000 page views a month. You have opinions on your favorite team and want them to be heard? Here's your venue. You have a desire to be a professional sports writer? Here's your entry level position. We've had columnists get gigs with Dime Magazine, and WEEI and as we get bigger the opportunities will only increase. We're the fastest growing Celtics blog on the net. I feel like the sky is the limit for the site, so you might as well join us for the ride and use u to launch your career.

Some things that we are looking for in writers besides just prompt daily content and humor are original segments and content. EK's Generations series and All About 18 series are perfect examples. Unique content. Are you a stat geek? Please apply. I much prefer seeing posts that back up why a player is good with stats, instead of just saying he's good. People that have youtube skills and can make video mixes are another bonus. We love awesome mixes. Great photoshop skills would be another plus. You don't have to have all these skills, but I just wanted to stress we're not simply looking for the norm. We like being unique.

If you feel like you'd be a good fit for Celtics Life, please email me at writeforcelticslife@yahoo.com  Basically if you've read this whole piece that's a good first start. Trust me some people will apply and won't have even bothered to read the post. In your email, please provide your name and a short bio on yourself. If you're a hot chick feel free to include a pic. (If you were offended by that, you probably won't be a good fit). Also please include how often you would be able to write and if you would be able to post recaps (a maximum of 15 minutes after the final buzzer). Include any skills you have and a sample of your writing. If you can write up a sample piece now that would be preferred over something old. Also please be committed to sticking around throughout the season. If you're a daily commenter on the site, let us know. We love to promote from within for lack of a better term.

I know this column might come off as a little douchey (How is that spelled?), but it's just because we get so many people wanting to write and we've added several writers that ended up sucking. They barely wrote and when they did it was boring. It was like they just wanted to be hired, but once they were they did nothing. I won't be able to respond to all emails unfortunately. The good ones I'll forward to Mike and we'll make a decision on who to add. I definitely do appreciate everyone that expresses interest though. I appreciate everyone that visits the site, leave comments, and chats in the shout box (except for the trolls and dickheads. I only appreciate their visiting the site). It's flattering that you'd want to write for us and if you're not picked that doesn't mean you never will be. Leave good comments on the site through out the season and we might add you later. I know this column was long as fuck, but if you think you might be a good fit please email me and apply. Really nothing to lose. Just be committed to writing daily. As in Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. That definition of daily.
Bleed green,

Appy to writeforcelticslife@yahoo.com