Rasheed Wallace update (with photos)

Everyone loves a Rasheed Wallace update. Deadspin loves them so much that they seem to be posting 'Sheed updates nearly every day.

So what's new in Sheedville? According to ESPN New York, he still hasn't scrimmaged for the 8th day in a row. There seems to be no timetable for when Wallace will be playing, so don't get your hopes up about seeing him in Saturday's Celtics-Knicks preseason game.

At practice he seems to be doing everything but scrimmaging, including boxing, various conditioning drills, yelling "Get in, girl" to basketball shots he puts up while everyone else is scrimmaging, and wearing baggy capri pants with backwards shirts.

From ESPN New York:
While Wallace has done different training drills since the start of training camp, something more significant remained the same: He didn't scrimmage for the eighth day in a row.

"He's still in the conditioning mode and we're still holding him out until we feel like he's ready to go," Mike Woodson said after practice. "It's a day-to-day thing, so we'll see where he is. We'll evaluate him day by day."

Wallace was asked before heading in the locker room when he would start playing 5-on-5. He was also asked if he would play in the first preseason game on Thursday night against the Wizards in D.C. For these and few other questions, he kept saying, "Ask coach Woodson."
When asked about why Rasheed came out of retirement, 'Sheed criticized the "terrible footwork" of "young guys" and wants to bring back "old-school basics":

"I was just sitting back, watching the way that some of these guys that you call great post players not playing the post," he said. "So it's the passion to come back to show ya'll how post players really need to play in the post. Old-school basketball. Ya'll used to all this new young stuff, high flying and dunking. Nah, that's not basketball. There's terrible footwork by a lot of young guys out here. Let's go back to old-school basics."
That was your Rasheed Wallace update, ladies and gentlemen.