Say it ain't so, Mama Flo

Far and away the best costume I saw last Halloween was a girl dressed up in Celtics attire as Ray Allen's mom, Flo Allen-Hopson.  And now, one year later, we are stuck with this:

For me, seeing Allen's mom all bedazzled out in Heat gear may be even harder to swallow than Ray actually playing for Miami.  The last 5 seasons I sat a few rows directly behind Mama Allen at nearly ever Celtics home game.  Yeah, she cheered the loudest when her son was draining threes, but she was a fan.  Often the people sitting courtside at NBA games don't know or care much about basketball.  Flo was the opposite.  She rooted for the Celtics with the intensity and passion of true Bostonian.

As the great Brian Scalabrine recently said on Bill Simmons' BS Report podcast, "If you work for Pepsi you're not loyal to Pepsi, you're not going to say 'no' to a better opportunity at Coke."  For the players it's both a business and their livelihood, they have a different perspective than we do.  But fans aren't supposed to just switch teams.  That's not how sports works.

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