Rondo says Sully is the smartest rookie he's played with

The Jared Sullinger momentum continues with the Celtics best player giving him a strong endorsement. I predicted right after the draft that Sully would crack the starting 5 and it's looking like that could be happening sooner rather than later. Honestly what is there not to like about Sullinger so far? He impressed in Summer League. He impressed overseas this past weekend. His coach and teammates sing his praises and he's only 20 years old, so he still has plenty of room to improve. The Celtics lucked out when two lottery talents dropped to them this past June. While I'd be doing back flips if Danny had taken both of them (PJ3 being the other), I'm still thrilled to have Sully on the team. Yes, things can change and the sample size is still very small, but I trust guys like Doc and Rondo. They seem to think Sully is a keeper. That's good enough for me.