MHP Awards for 2012

The recent NBA predictions by ESPN Magazine puts the Hawks and Knicks over the Celtics and puts the Nuggets on top of the West. This has sparked fury, *ehm*, furious laughter amongst Celtics fans, and judging from the comments under the ESPN article, among NBA fans all around the world. That is the best thing about season predictions though. You publish them and you're not held to any accountability after 9 months pass because people either forget or just don't care.

John! You forgot your rankings here! HEY JOHN!
Well, not anymore. That inspired me to dig through ESPN-based predictions for 2011-2012 season and see whose excretion was the most equine of all.

Thus I present to you the Most Horsepoo Predictions Awards for 2012:

MHP for Celtics goes to... ESPN Boston Radio's Andrew Brooks as he predicted that the C's would lose in the 1st round of playoffs. If only he meant they'd be one game/bizarre 3pt efficiency from Bosh away from NBA Finals.

MHP for Most Underrated Team in the West goes to... San Antonio Spurs as ESPN predicted they'd end up at the 6th seed yet they were the first seed in the conference. @TaylorHair50 had said it best: "Love the low ranking for the Spurs. The same team that won 61 games last year and kept most of its core players. Haters."

MHP for Most Overrated Team in the West goes to... Dallas Mavericks as ESPN predicted they'd end up at the 2nd seed yet ended at the 7th. In ESPN's defense though, no one could have guessed that much of a fall, well, except for @EugeneOliver apparently: "Don't see how Mavs are winning 45 games this year. Odom not a good fit, they'll miss Chandler ... Playoffs? Yes. Division title? No."

MHP for Most Underrated Team in the East goes to... Indiana Pacers who were put at the 6th seed. They ended up as the third seed. Again, in ESPN's defense, I remember lashing my hatred on someone who put the Pacers above the Celtics. Whomever you were, I apologize (except if that was you, Hollinger).

They should consult this guy next year before making those predictions.
MHP for Most Overrated Team in the East goes to... well, not a shocker, New York Knicks. Thought they'd be ranked 4th, ended up 7th. (Do I see a pattern here?)

MHP for Coach of the Year goes to... Scoop Jackson for predicting that Mike D'Antoni would wi... Excuse me, I ran out of breath there for a sec.

MHP for Most Improved Player goes to... well, frankly, this is a really difficult category to predict and nobody's got it, yet one person stands out with the most horrible pick of all: Carlos Boozer. Scoop Jackson, dude, do you know how difficult it was to not make any lame jokes based on your name here? Please show some sympathy.

MHP for 6th Man of the Year goes to... Marc Stein, Tim MacMahon, Tim Legler and A. Kamenetzky for picking Lamar Odom, who has actually won the 16th Man of the Year award. So, in all fairness, it was a small margin of error.

Odom has tried to increase his chances this year by signing a lump-sum lump with
hopes that it qualifies as an individual as well. 
So, that's all folks! See you again next year! Thanks for reading!