Everybody Loves Kris

"He's like a sponge"-Jason Terry

     I wrote about Kris Joseph earlier this month, and shared how much I wanted him to be on our team. A lot has happened since then, and his main competition in Dionte Christmas and Jamar Smith are both gone. It looks as if Joseph will be the man chosen for that last spot on the roster, and Joseph knows it. Hes responded with double-digit scoring outbursts in back to back preseason games (11 points against the Brooklyn Nets on Thursday and 13 against the New York Knicks yesterday). Hes also rebounded well, averaging 4 per game over the last two games. During yesterday's game, he also showed he wasn't afraid of getting hit, and drew 10 free throws. He also had two 3 point plays in the beginning of the fourth quarter which sparked the Celtic run to comeback and win the game. Joseph's play has really ramped up over the last couple days, and people are noticing.

     Both Jason Terry and Doc Rivers had nothing but good things to say about Joseph after the game last night. Doc noted his energy and really appreciated his rebounding. He said

"And the one thing he has a knack for is, we talked about before the game, is his rebounding. It's unbelievable for his position".  

Jason Terry noted Joseph's willingness to learn and how much he wants to get better. Terry told reporters,  

"He's been a rookie that's been like a sponge. He's been willing to listen and learn from the veteran guys, and then, put it, and implement it into the game". 

Joseph's play has finally given reason for his teammates and coach to come out and start piling on the compliments, and they have not disappointed.

    Barring a surprise, it seems Kris Joseph will lock up that 15th roster spot after tonight's game versus the Philadelphia 76ers. Hes shown he can contribute, hes shown he is willing to learn and get better, and best of all, hes shown that hes the kind of guy who is going to be ready when his number is called. I hope you all can grow to love Kris Joseph as much as I do, and hopefully see him in Celtic Green for a long time.