Doc Rivers brings class and closure to Ray Allen discussion

When Doc Rivers first came to the Celtics; initially, I didn't like him.  I found myself becoming upset that he wouldn't play Rajon Rondo and Gerald Green more in their rookie season.  I quickly saw why, when I saw Green's final game as a Celtic live here in Miami. Green looked lost on the court, he was undisciplined and his basketball IQ was in question.

I had a new found respect for his knowledge of the game and understanding the pulse and beat of his team.

Fast forward to the messy voluntary separation  to quote Rajon Rondo of  'the former No. 20,' who just quite doesn't know how to say ' that I am a Miami Heat now.' That is all he needs to say.

I know what it is, he has buyers remorse.  You know how you wanted Kinetic for your X-box 360, the new Sony Playstation. Only it turned out to be like the preview of NBA 13, not a pretty sight. You pine for the days of NBA Live 10, but you can never go back.

Rivers has chosen to be the lone voice on all things pertaining to the former Celtic shooting guard. That in itself shows how he has a firm grip on the situation and his team follows his lead.  Eric Spoelstra and Pat Riley have yet to pull the Heat's No. 34 aside to tell him to put a sock in it.

Doc on the other hand has taken the high-road and the Celtics are better of for it.