Comments from the other side - Nets 10/18

Nets fans sound a bit different than they did after their team blew out the Celtics.  Lots of hate for Deron Williams.  When fans are longing to have Gerald Green back, you know there are problems.  Of course there are the wheelchair comments after Pierce came up limping after he was shoved into the photographers by Joe Johnson.  Funny, he didn't seem to have that mean streak on the Hawks.  Not sure why they hate Courtney Lee so much but they do.   Enjoy today's comments....

Brook will dominate!

Triple double for Brook…Nets by 7

After we will blow C’s away, I want Regie to kiss up to nets( most notorious hater)

I see some Celtic fans

Winning feels weird (even in preseason) Its the first time I have ever watched a winning team in any sport

Hump's got a big advantage vs Sullinger

Celtics are playing like this is G7 of the Finals.

Our guys are asleep Or the Celtics are VERY awake

Ugly start lets get the bench in AJ! But for real though Celtics shine when the spot light is on

The Celtics are playing SO hard

Brooklynites are already leaving the arena

As I suspected, Boston is psyched for this game after being embarrassed Tuesday.

Celts know it's on TNT

Celtics have a few really dis-likable players, don't they?

I 'til this day despise Courtney Lee. Such a crappy player.

This is what happens when Lopez plays against good defense.

FIRE AVERY Seriously…..

Same old CLee Dude is a bum

Courtney Lee is garbage

The Nets are shooting 17%.

The Celtics defense is so nasty right now that I keep counting the amount of players on the court because it seems like they have 8 guys playing..

Keep Blatche in game. Lopez is too slow for this Boston team.

Is it just me or does DWill look overweight? And a little slow?

So this is what are team looks like when the other team plays defense haha

Its clear Boston is a TEAM and we are 5 guys running around. Hopefully the chemistry comes sooner than later

Omg terry

Is Lopez really getting bulled by Collins?

Celts are very good defensive team. Still best team in divison

Brook Lopez is going to look great in a Timberwolves jersey.

I seriously want to deck Courtney Lee

Lee really hated playing for the Nets and I hate him.

Boston bringing that playoff defense

Was gonna go for a run Now sitting here eating ice cream. Damn nets

Boston is playing serious regular season defense

I think Anthony Davis' teeth have better spacing than this offense

His unibrow may have better spacing too.

Courtney Lee is just that guy that I wanna see get humiliated

Boston cant miss

Gerald Green would have murdered that alley oop

Why is everyone ooping like Gerald Green still on the team?

The ghost of Green!

What would Gerald green do?... :sigh:

Coach Rivers and I have something in common. First time in NBA history, a Coach play Hookey to watch a Debate.

Kris humphries just lost a tip to Paul pierce

Figures that they have to wait until the nationally televised game To play like this.

We should play on the radio more often


Somebody get Pierce the wheelchair

At least we can foul like season form.

To be fair, Celtics have made everything, and they are playing above their head on offense a bit


Somebody get Pierce a wheelchair and take him to the home.

Good lord, I hate him

Paul Pierce The king of the “fake an injury, limp to the locker room, then come out and play in the second half” move.

Pierce ought to get a wheelchair endorsement.

And rondo just does w/e he wants

Rondo and CP3 Best PGs in the league

Rondo is an ahole but he is the second best point guard in the league

he’s not perfect but he’s still elite. People here can’t seem to fathom the concept that maybe he’s the one upholding Garnett and Pierce (and Allen last few years), not the other way around

Players like Rondo and Westbrook can shut DWill down

Tell me Rondo is the top 2 PG when he averages 20 and 10 in one season..

Deron Williams...

I have never seen KG miss one of those jump shots

Thank god God only made 1 KG. We have no answer for him

I blame no one but Deron Looked like the same old bum dogging it

C's are not simply missing

Wow, that Tuesday win made the Celtics MAD we got under their skin, obviously

Best player for the Nets...Gerald Wallace Best player for the Celtics…Deron Williams


The dagger was driven in the first quarter


I really hate Boston

I wonder who we can get back for deron in a trade…

It's not gonna be every game Courtney Lee goes 8-12 from the field.

Just when he plays the Nets porous defense

Jason terry is the new reggie miller

5-5 for Terry from 3 Ridiculous

Pierce 4-4 from three Ridiculous too

Maybe we can beat the Celtic rookies

Terry is a nice player. But please don’t sell him as some kind of Ray Allen equivalent. He isn’t

Terry is not just nice , he is terrific. He knows his role , and Celtics know his role.

Offensively he's just as good as Allen at this point Allen- 60.7% TS Terry- 54.0% TS It’s a huge downgrade

Rondo, Bradley, terry, lee, and barbosa The Celtics backcourt is going to be very good this year

I'll tell you this right now We will be better than the Celtics when it counts

In the playoffs? When Pierce/Garnett are at their best?

No we won't C’s D is awesome. This game opened my eyes. I now see we are mediocre shooting team. C’s closed the paint and we chocked.

This is what happens when you face an elite defensive team

Boston is still overrated IMO

Lmao, they always end up deep in the playoffs year after year