Comments from the other side - Knicks 10/20

It's interesting how each fan base is different as far as which Celtics they dislike the most.  Chicago, it's Rondo.  The Nets, it's Courtney Lee.  Knicks fans seem to hate Jason Terry.  But they all hate the Celtics, so there's that.  I think my favorite comment this time was the guy whose phone auto-corrected Amare to Amateur, and they agreed that it was a robotic Freudian slip.  Enjoy today's CFTOS!!!

So glad I paid $70/ticket to take my son to the game tonight and noone is playing!

Good. No Ray,no Pierce,no KG. There's no one to hit the game winner against us tonight.

And there is no reason to watch this at all now

They still have fresh uniforms...

Looking like Woodson is setting himself up for a ready made excuse for why we're about to get blown out by the C's instead of having to explain to the mercurial NY Media why Melo/STAT/Chandler aren't meshing should they get blown out by the C's.

I gotta be honest Amateur needs to be playing these games.

And my phone changed amare to amateur So I need him out there to get my phone in regular season game shape

Robotic Freudian slip. Amare is amateur.

I am drunk and ready to watch the Celts play like it’s Game 7 of the Finals.

I plan on having a sip of beer every time I get angry If I had done that last night I’d watching this from the hospital recovering. From alcohol poisoning.

Money really can't buy everything. If money could buy chemistry and cooperation, amare+melo would already be a thing

Rondo making an outside shot? I don’t like that one bit.

Fab Melo has a LOONNNNNNG way to go.

I really don't understand why Courtney Lee has bounced around so much He can really help a team, solid defender and glue guy

Are these refs gonna let Terry keep hacking at Priga?

I like this downs from the Celtics

I guess our bench is better than Celts

I was just about to say that. This game is pretty much a battle of the benches and if our bench is destroying there's, how exactly are they supposed to be 1st in Atlantic?

"Copeland sees Celtic green and he goes hog-wild" If that’s the case sign him right now

Is it too early to start comparing Copeland to Wilt, Magic and Jordan?

he's at LEAST Kobe-level

Probably But it’s not too early to compare him to Predator

Jason Terry will fit right in with those Bostonians over there.

Yea he's always been a d*****bag

Seriously most of those guys are jerks. I saw Rondo roll the ball away from the ref after a back court call. Lol

Rondo has nothing to prove. Rondo is kind of coasting this game working the scrubs and it's pretty obvious. He's already shown he's one of the best in the League.

I have a slight crush on rondo. Guy is amazing.

Lmao Copeland is a Celtic killer

Finally we have our response to PP34

This blowing huge leads crap better stop before the season begins

Jeff Green has just been man-handling the entire Knicks squad. Figurative and Literally speaking.

These guys suck,they give up in the 4th all the time.

Damn I hate Jason Terry

Yea Pablo F*** terry up

I know it doesn't count but.... Celtics are definitely looking for payback. We won the meaningless game that mattered.

Terry, Lee, and Green being in the game is beyond stupid

Is terry sushing the crowd in a preseason game...great another dbag on the Celtics...

Lee comes over and pushes prigs.... What kind of stupid ***** **** is that? Terry can't handle himself?