Comments from the other side - Heat 10/30

Lots of hate for the Celtics as can be expected along with some gloating over Ray's performance.   They also do a lot of whining about the refs for a team that gets more than their share of the calls. They think Wade gets no respect from the refs? How about the fact that he was allowed to push off on every drive to the basket and get away with it, which resulted in a hard Rondo foul out of frustration because of it. All I have to say is that they are going to see a very different Celtics team the next time they meet. I hope you enjoy today's comments in spite of the loss.

Ray Allen for the last seconed game winner 3 pointer. Or we could just blow them out.

I can't wait for this game. I want Ray to just nail some jumpers in Rondo's face.

A team like Boston usually takes a few weeks into the regular season to get their feet under them. They run such a strict defense and active offense it usually takes time. Heat seem to be meshing early and have the superstar talent to carry them early season with or without a system that is working.

I'd love to see a blowout, just to remind Boston that they're nowhere near the World Champs!

I think the Heat hate the Celtics too much to not show up for this game, especially Ray Allen.

Did Rivers comments today show why he's such a class act. Hate his team but I have so much respect for him.

If we only blow out one team this season, I hope it is the Celtics.

Ray Allen will be known as the Boston Killer after this game.

Yea this game is Surely for ray Allen. I hope everyone steps up or him. So Allen can have the last laugh.

Anyone else want to see pittman set a really hard screen on rondo?

I hate pierce.

Is Wade not allowed to draw a foul?

Boston just playing off emotions right now. Once they cool off which is inevitable, we'll drop the sledgehammer

Can we get a call?

So we are allowed to get hacked now?!?

Wade always screams for the calls. Finally got one. He gonna be a big offender of the flop fine this season me thinks

KG wanted nothing to do with Ray.

Someone definitely complained about us getting calls after the championship. At first I thought it was just pre-season refs making mistakes, but it is obvious now.

Boston just has too many role players that can't create their own shot and that will be a big problem for them whenever they face us.

Rondo in transition is almost impossible to stop. He is so fast and makes incredible passes

Every time wade takes a jump shot, the opposing coach smiles. One of these summers he needs to lock himself in the gym and get a freaking jump shot

I hate Jason terry

Is it because its only the first game of the season or did Boston's defense get worse?

Rondo with the flop.

The zebras killing the heat ...

Wade is awful

Trade Wade!

For what? He has no trade value. Cut his ass!

Ray is playing like he has a chip on his shoulder

Boston is gonna go broke with all the flopping. I can't believe Pierce is shooting FTs off of that.

Paul Pierce is the most annoying offensive flopper in the league.

The nerve of people b*tching that we get all the calls.

Rondo palms the ball in every possession

The Celtics have no clue how to guard Lebron

F#ck off Rondo, no one is fooled by your stupid parlor tricks.

We're letting them hang around too much. We're clearly better.

It's very clear we aren't going all in..

Boston still has the same problem when they faced us in the ECF. They don't have a lot of post scoring especially now that Bosh is back, they also don't have a lot of guys who can create their own shots against our defense, and we force them to play small which plays into our hands. Rondo is their only advantage but Lebron destroys that.

Am I the only one that think the refs have it out for us?

We have 62 points on the Celtics D in the first half , let that sink in fellas.

I think people are reading too much into the Celts D stuff. They're not playing real Celtics D right now with so many new players and this being the first game...similar to our defense really.

Garnett was in the lane for over 6 seconds, didn't think they would call it.

I think in order to play for Boston you need to learn how to set illegal screens.

Pierce flopping in mid air. Fine!

Pierce is such a flopper, and everyone calls the Heat floppers

Refs out to get Wade this season.

Refs keeping the Celtics in the game

Unnecessary contact by Garnett, no flagrant 1 of course.

Kg clearly wanted a piece of the head before getting to the ball.

A bow to KG's Throat would be nice

Bosh is getting outplayed by Bass

Terry's a punk, so glad we have Ray instead.

Celtics are just a team with an inferiority complex.

F*** Terry and Garnett.

Pierce playing Heroball, I love it.

Jeff Green has been exposed as being Jeff Green

With harden starting, I think ray has a good shot at winning 6th man

Barbosa now decides to make shots Scrub

So guys scrub of the night goes to Barbosa?

Does terry ever stop whining?

Barbosa going off. Celtics fans should not get used to that.

Why are fans leaving so early?!

What is the deal with these Lebron cramps... I wanted to see him keep shredding these posers up.

I have no problem leaving Barbosa wide open He sucks just lucky

Rondo is a b#tch. Repeat offender.

The Celtics are such petulant little b****es.

We're in their heads so badly.

When you get into a Doc Rivers teams head, you know you're really good.

Lol rondo is too emotional for this sport And they want him to win MVP?

Rondo is a dirty little *****

So how many games will Haslem get when he eventually goes after Rondo?

God I hate Boston sooooo much