Celtics' mission is to kill whoever they're against

Those are not my words, they are Jet's, quoted and slightly paraphrased from a wonderfully written Grantland piece by Amos Barshad. Are you somehow still not psyched about Jason Terry? Do you have questions about Celtics' spirit before the season starts? Please read that article and get psyched. (Also, it will probably feel quite refreshing after reading items in which Allen states the organization, Ainge, Rondo, family, bunch of trades that never happened, Doc as the reason for his move. Even though I felt sympathy for him in the beginning, the more he speaks, the more I'm convinced that what his decision came mostly out of spite.)

The article, in addition to further proving what an awesome guy Jet is, also provides some answers as to C's chemistry (hint: it's really high right now) and their will to win the championship this year.
"I'm not a psychic. I'm not a prophet. But I'm a big faith-fearing guy, and in my faith, sometimes, you have to speak what you believe, and it will come true. So, yeah, I have no hesitation in telling you that our mission is to kill whoever we step on the court against."

I've no hesitation in telling you that the fans are ready for that festival JET.


Endnote: By the way, apparently KG has the weirdest pickup line in history: "You love green, you're from the Emerald City [Terry grew up in Seattle], and green is your favorite color. So why not be a Celtic?" One can only wonder how he (would have) approached Jeff Green.