Afternoon Delight: Party Pooper

David Stern's retirement in 2014 coincides with the termination of a certain rival's current contract - at which time he recently suggested he will also leave the NBA.  The commissioner, likewise, has announced that he's turning his keys over to Adam Silver - just as said rival, Kobe Kidney Bean Bryant is supposedly preparing Dwight The Clown Howard to take over L.A.

Now we all know Kobe's all about outdoing people (like Smush Parker) so how's he going to take having to share his retirement season with the Commish?  Who'll get the bigger sendoff in 2014?  Much as we've had issues with Stern's leadership, particularly in the past few seasons, I'm inclined to tip my hat to the man who helped resurrect the NBA from the atrocious '70s - thank you Larry Legend!  (Oh, and happy retirement to you, Mr. Stern).

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