Boston Celtics blow out Brooklyn Nets 115-85!

Celtics Beat Nets 115 to 85
Boston Celtics: Did a good job keeping the turnovers down (14). Shot extremely well (56% overall, 57.9% from 3, and 80% from the line). Had 7 players in double digits (Sully, Rondo, Lee, Pierce, Terry, Garnett, Joseph). Outrebounded the Nets by 3. Completely locked down the Nets. Looked GREAT in all areas.

Brooklyn Nets: Were hit hard by prepared Celtics defense. Shot extremely poorly. Seemed to have little cohesion. Could not capitalize on FTs. Turned the ball over a lot. Nowhere close to a finished product.

Brandon Bass: Had a solid game. Hit a shot, grabbed some rebounds, played some solid D, and even got 4 assists! Seemed to have a small injury but it seems like he'll be fine.
Gary Washburn reports its a right knee bruise.  

Jason Collins: Played 5 minutes. Had a nice putback. Had a bad charge. Got a rebound. Did what you would want him to do. Hit Lopez really hard in the face. Has enforcer potential. Apparently has evolved into Skinny Collins.
Jared Sullinger: Looked good, even against size. Was jobbed by the refs. Showed off his jumper a little. Nice finisher. Sneaky and smart, really confident.

Courtney Lee: Had an absolutely great game. I love this guy so much. Showed off his athleticism. Showed how good of a defender he is. Hes a little bit undersized, just a hair, but gives up nothing on defense. Clearly goes hard on every possession. Gave us a peek at his quick hands, got a boatload of steals.  

Avery Bradley:
Paul Pierce: Still ridiculously hot from 3. Looks healthy. Had a scorer's mentality tonight. Rebounded well. Had a small injury scare, but came back and looked fine.  

Kevin Garnett: Looked extremely fresh. Jump shot was AUTOMATIC. Over passed a little, but had some great assists on cuts and didn't turn the ball over except for one time.

Jeff Green: Stayed aggressive. Showed energy and athleticism in transition. Did not have a good night putting the ball in the basket. Rebounded well, love to see that. Went for a monster dunk but got an offensive foul called.  

Rajon Rondo: DUNKED. Turned the ball over too much, with some lazy passes. Was aggressive and finished well. Played some good defense. Did I mention he DUNKED?  

Jason Terry: UNCONSCIOUS scorer. Amazing from 3. Made some defensive mistakes, but had some good steals as well. Did his job perfectly.   Kris Joseph: Played well, really looked a lot more confident. Made an impact in his limited minutes.    Refs: Come on now guys. Bad game from them. Too many calls for Brooklyn, not enough for Boston. Completely hated on Sully. Conclusion: Celtics improve to 2-4 in the preseason, showed how good they can really be. Everyone had fun and got in on the blowout. The Nets loss seems to be a distant memory now. The Celtics next play the Knicks on Saturday (10/20/12).