All About 18: Jeff Green

The past couple of seasons had been rough on Jeff Green.  From the controversial 2010 trade that brought him to Boston in exchange for fan-favorite Kendrick Perkins, to the aortic aneurism which sidelined him for an entire season, to the withdrawal of Boston’s qualifying offer to him after his ailment was diagnosed (which made him an unrestricted free agent).  All of that served to not only cloud Green’s outlook in Beantown, but it put his entire life in perspective as well.  “So many things (were on my mind),” he said in a interview.  “First family.  My life.  Basketball came last.”

And yet in spite of all the setbacks and difficulties he’s endured the 26-year-old free agent  chose to come back to the Celtics.  He never really thought about being elsewhere, according to Green’s agent, David Falk.  “It’s been a mutual love affair,” Falk stated.  “They love having him here.  He loves being here.” 

“They helped me along my route,” Green explained.  “It was a no-brainer for me to come back and support the fellas and the whole organization.  They were there for me through my stress of going through the surgery.  They searched high and low for the best doctor, for the best clinic to go to handle the procedure.  Everything that I needed.  They made it easier every step of the way.”

Green had, in fact, been itching to show his appreciation for the Celtics’ support since the playoffs when he was seen sitting near the team’s bench on several occasions – hoping to lend a hand in any way.  This season, he’s back stronger physically and mentally, and ready to return that favor as he reinforces the C’s drive for #18.