Nets trying to emulate Boston Garden with new court

The Brooklyn Nets unveiled their new basketball court this week and they're taking a page out of Boston's playbook with a herringbone pattern. Here's the Nets' CEO, Brett Yormark, on the court design:

"The vision all along was to have something that was truly identifiable and unique and when people turned on their TVs at home, know they were in Brooklyn," Yormark said. "When you turn on the TV and you turn on a Celtics game and you look at that court, it's a parquet that has become very recognizable. We want this to be the same — it's our version of the parquet. I think it truly delivered against all of our expectations."

I like that the Nets are at least coming up with a pattern that is somewhat original, unlike the Orlando Magic that chose to use parquet just like the Celtics. I agree with the Ball Don't Lie author that I'm surprised that the Nets  and their billionaire owner didn't go for a bigger scoreboard to give the arena more of a wow factor. There are more pics on Ball Don't Lie. I like the arena look. What do you think?