Is Josh Smith going to be a Celtic?

It may not happen this month and I'm inclined to think it will be closer to the trade deadline, but count me as being totally convinced Josh Smith will be a member of the Boston Celtics before the end of the season.

As Rajon Rondo was helping organize the Celtics getting together out in LA, who was there playing flag football with them according to Marc Spears?

To add some fun, Rondo also put together a flag football game at UCLA that included referees. Rondo said the only Celtics that didn't play were Pierce and 7-foot, 255-pound rookie Fab Melo "because he might hurt somebody." Atlanta Hawks forward Josh Smith, a close friend of Rondo's, also played.

I wouldn't be surprised if Smith played in the basketball sessions with them too.  When you add Smith's praise for the Celtics' organization and their fans, it makes total sense.

Just remember often times when there's smoke with Danny Ainge, there's fire.  Smith in the Celtics' defensive schemes would be a very valuable addition to help the weakside guys with his shot-blocking.  I could also see him taking the task of defending LeBron in matchups with Miami.  It's a tantalizing prospect.  Josh Smith has been on record saying he won't be happy playing for a directionless team with broke owners.  Stay tuned.