Austin Rivers: "Celtics better off without Ray Allen"

"As funny as it sounds, I actually think both teams benefited (from Ray Allen signing with the Heat," Austin Rivers said. "I think the Heat got a lot better obviously, because now the floor is spaced with Ray Allen.

"And I think the Celtics got better, because first off it was disappointing to (see him) leave because he was a part of that whole buildup to the Celtics again, but now you have a better defender in Courtney Lee, who is a great on the ball defender and someone who is going to add to the great defense the Celtics play already. And then you have Jason Terry, who is instant offense, something the Celtics need when you have older players like KG and Paul Pierce that get hurt. So when you have guys that are going to be inconsistent, not due to how good they are but how old they are, and the fatigue of a long season, you have guys who can come in and give you instant offense."

Rivers also says that he thinks that the Celtics are the only team in the East that can beat the Miami Heat, hard to argue with him on that one.

Rivers is also dead on on Ray Allen. While Terry and Lee aren't the three point shooters that Allen is, they will be more accepting of a secondary role with Boston. Allen's liability was often times his defense and his inability to create his own shot, something Lee and Terry will help the Celtics with.

Still wish the Celtics could've landed Rivers in the draft.