Someone's Getting Traded

I'm an NBA realist.  So when the Celtics acquired Courtney Lee earlier this summer and knowing the track record Danny Ainge has, I'm pretty much guaranteeing that this roster the Celtics currently have won't be the one they finish the season with.  Danny's always trying to improve the Celtics and has proven in the past when he acquires enough trade chips, isn't afraid to pull the trigger on a deal to improve his team.  He turned Eric Williams into Ricky Davis into Wally Szczerbiak into Ray Allen.

When you also consider the over-expansion of the NBA (thanks David Stern) and the shortage of quality rotation players in the league, someone is going to get traded.  It may be a bigger package, including Jeff Green and/or Brandon Bass and/or Jared Sullinger.  But mark my words: by the trade deadline of 2013, both Courtney Lee AND Avery Bradley will not be members of the Boston Celtics.  One of them will be moved.

I'm thinking Rondo's likely off the table as is Jason Terry, who we assume will finish his career in Boston.  So, who would you rather see the Celtics keep, Lee or Bradley?  Why?