Rajon Rondo to co-star in new video game

NBA star Baron Davis is out to prove the naysayers wrong after the debacle that was Curt Schilling’s 38 Studios, as Davis is teaming up with former EA Sports creative force Sean O’Brien to form 5 Balloons Interactive, a new mobile gaming company producing titles for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch.

The company’s first game is called “Getting Buckets” and features the likes of Davis, Steve Nash, Rajon Rondo, Brandon Jennings, and Candace Parker in a fast-paced, twitch adventure that’s more “Temple Run” than “NBA Ballers,” as players sprint their way through a variety of environments collecting as many buckets as they can before time runs out (all while dribbling a basketball, of course).

Well that's a different idea. But wait, are they collecting buckets like 2 points or are they literally collecting buckets? Ha. Besides Rondo fanatics, I'm not r eally sure if there will be an audience for this game. Baron Davis has made a ton of money though throughout his career, so I guess he can afford to waste some. Best of luck to him though.

What do you think of "Getting Buckets?"