Jeff Green will sign contract in next day or two, I swear

Sam Amick via Sulia
A bit of free agency housecleaning: The agent for forward Jeff Green, David Falk, told me
last night that the four-year deal with Boston worth approximately $36 million should finally be formalized "in the next day or two...We just had some sort of technical and (salary cap) issues that were holding it up. Nothing serious." I'd reported in early July that I was hearing the deal was in the neighborhood of four years, $40 million and it wasn't too far off. So considering he's seen as a key piece of the semi-revamped Boston club, Celtics fans, do you like the addition or is it too pricey considering Jeff's health history?

Really have nothing more to say about this. I have no clue why it's taken this long.

Maybe it's as simple as he and Ainge were hanging out and having so much fun that he forgot to sign it. Woops!