Doc Rivers a big fan of free agent Carlos Delfino

"We've looked, and I wish we had the money to add him," said Rivers. "We could really use him." Rivers praised Delfino's ability to strip the ball defensively (1.5 steals per game defensively this past season) and move it offensively (2.3 assists per night in 2011-12). "They've turned him into a shooter," added the Celtics coach, "but he can give you more."

If you recall we mentioned the Celtics interest in Delfino a few weeks ago, but that was when it was looking like Courtney Lee to Boston chances of happening were diminishing. Now in the new NBA where positions matter much less, I could still see a role for Delfino on the Celtics, but I'm guessing Doc is correct in saying that the C's don't have the dollars left to sign the Argentine swingman. It's a pity as I've always liked Delfino's game (and apparently so has Doc). On the other side, Mike Saver was concerned that Delfino resembled his father too much, so Celtics Life avoids that awkwardness.