Should JaJuan Johnson play Small Forward instead?

Johnson attempted only five shots in their opener on Monday and he was more aggressive from the outset in their second game, knocking down a pair of outside shots. But the Celtics need to know A) if he can hold up against bigger opponents and B) what his natural position truly is in the NBA.

Johnson is too sleight to handle the physical pounding inside, but he is skilled and there was talk last season of ultimately making him into a small forward, albeit a long three. For now, he’s more comfortable playing the four, but he’s had a hand in guarding multiple positions in Orlando, which will serve him well down the line.

“Maybe the four, I think, because I’ve had the most reps at the four,” Johnson said. “I’m starting to feel comfortable at all of them. I think this experience being able to guard these positions will help me when his season starts.”

The optimism is starting to slip when it comes to JaJuan Johnson. Once seen through green tinted glasses as the second coming of Kevin Garnett, fans have started to notice that JJJ is unnoticeable even in the Summer League.

Johnson may be entering his sophomore season in the NBA, but he might as well be a rookie. He saw next to no playing time in the regular season, he could barely even get on the floor during the two pre-season games last year.

So, there's still time for him to turn it around. Perhaps moving him to play the small forward position could help him accomplish that. What do you think?