Celtics facing Pacers in a battle of unbeaten teams

Indiana Pacers (2-0) vs Boston Celtics (2-0)
Wednesday, July 11
11:00 AM ET (Replay: 7/12 6:00 AM ET)
Amway Center Practice Court
Game Thread

The unbeaten Celtics now move on to face the unbeaten Indiana Pacers.   The Pacers have beaten OKC 78-74 and Philly 69-63.  Lance Stephenson has been starring for this Pacers team averaging 20.5 points per game.  Other players to watch are Miles Plumlee and Orlando Johnson, both of whom are averaging 11.5 points and 6.5 rebounds per game. 

Celtics fans have been pleased by what they have seen from their 2012 draft picks so far, with both Jared Sullinger and Kris Joseph impressing with their court sense and all around play.  Fab Melo has shown some flashes on defense.    The surprises have come from undrafted Dionte Christmas and Jonathan Gibson, both of whom have looked very good so far.  

Doc and Danny have been present on the sidelines of both games observing the players and will be faced with some tough decisions.  E'Twaun Moore and Sean Williams are playing for a contract.  JaJuan Johnson is playing to show he deserves some minutes in the rotation.   This year's draft picks are playing to show that they also belong in the rotation this season.  And the undrafted players are trying to make a case that they deserve a chance on an NBA team.  

This may be the Celtics toughest test yet.     At the end of the day, one team will remain unbeaten and the other will have it's first defeat in Summer League play.  Should be a fun game to watch. 

Celtics Roster 
63     Craig Brackins       F     6'10"  230     Iowa State
 50     Dionte Christmas   G     6'5"     205     Temple
 40     Jonathan Gibson     G     6'1"     171     New Mexico State
 12     JaJuan Johnson     F     6'10"   221     Purdue
 43     Kris Jospeh     F     6'7"     215     Syracuse
 52     Stephane Lasme     F     6'8"     215     Massachusetts
 13     Fab Melo             C      7'0"     255     Syracuse
 55     E'Twaun Moore     G     6'4"     191     Purdue
 41     Jamar Smith     G     6'3"     185     Southern Indiana
 7     Jared Sullinger     F     6'9"     280     Ohio State
 56     Sean Williams     C-F     6'10"  235     Boston College

Rivers, Doc
Hill, Armond
Eastman, Kevin
Longabardi, Mike
Lue, Tyronn
Young, Jamie
** SL coach:  Tyronn Lue

Pacers Roster
9     Jarrid Famous     F     6'11"     240     South Florida
 8     Reggie Hamilton     G     5'11"     176     Oakland University
 23     Ben Hansbrough     G     6'3"     206     Notre Dame
 18     Matt Janning     G     6'4"     220     Northeastern
 11     Orlando Johnson     G     6'5"     224     UC Santa Barbara
 16     Tyren Johnson     F     6'7"     225     Louisiana-Lafayette
 4     Chris Kramer     G     6'3"     215     Purdue
 14     Julian Mavunga                   
 5     Hamady N'diaye     C     7'0"     235     Rutgers
 29     Jeff Pendergraph     F     6'9"     240     Arizona State
 13     Miles Plumlee     C     7'0"     252     Duke
 22     Matt Rogers     F     6'11"     225     Southwest Baptist
 6     Lance Stephenson     G     6'5"     210     Cincinnati
 15     Robert Vaden     G-F     6'5"     205     Alabama-Birmingham

Vogel, Frank
Shaw, Brian
Burke, Dan
Boylen, Jim