Jermaine O'Neal wanted to score more in Boston

Boston Herald
“I had a fantastic time in Boston, an unbelievable sports town, fans and organization. But it wasn’t necessarily the best fit basketball wise. Your comfort level is everything.

Sometimes when you’re asked not to worry about some of the stronger parts of your game, which is scoring, and only [focus on] defense, that’s difficult to do.”

Yeah, and you were also asked to do things like stay healthy, play games and contribute just a little bit to the team.

Jermaine recently worked out for the Lakers and is trying to make a comeback to the NBA, I guess he's hoping that he can steal money from another team. If anyone is going to pick up the 33 year old center hoping that he can provide them with a scoring threat, I'm betting they'll be disappointed.

I'm usually one to defend Danny Ainge's moves, but signing Jermaine O'Neal was a huge mistake by the Celtics. A complete waste of money.