Jason Terry psyched to be a Celtic, will workout with KG this Summer

Lots of good stuff here. Must listen.

Jason Terry on being "very excited" to play with Rajon Rondo:
"There was a conversation that Jason Kidd & I had. He was vouching for Rondo telling me that he was the best point guard in the game... He said Rajon Rondo plays both ends of the floor & he plays the game like a throwback. He's an old school point guard. He knows how to initiate, get his guys the ball and still go get his."

"And I think a guy like him [Rondo] I fit perfectly in with him.

Jason Terry on opening night vs. the Heat (when asked if he was a Hollywood script writer):
"Must See TV! I tell you that. You already know the matchup. It’s going to be me vs. Ray. You know what? Everyone can just sit down, and take their seat on the bench. Forget about LeBron, forget DWade, KG, Rondo, Double P all just rest and me and Ray are just have a three-point shooting contest and we’ll shoot it out."