Jason Terry, longtime Celtics fan

Jason Terry will be formally introduced as a member of the Boston Celtics today in a press conference in Boston. It turns out that Jason was a fan of the Green Pride long time ago:

“I’m still smiling,” said Terry, who said he is a Patriots fan because childhood friends Corey Dillon and Lawyer Milloy played for New England. “I was smiling when I answered the phone and heard it was [Rivers]. And then Danny [Ainge] called me a couple of days later and I was just grinning ear to ear, just because of the heritage, the history, and the tradition of the Boston Celtics, just being in that arena in front of these fans, it’s just a great opportunity.

“A lot of time in professional sports, you really don’t get to choose what team you’d like to play for, but me being a big fan of the Celtics from Larry [Bird] back in the day, it’s just going to be an honor to wear that uniform.”

This is refreshing. We have been told that there is no love for the colors and the tradition, but in the end the glamour and the pride to wear the green and white Celtics jersey is still alive. Terry will be a proud Boston Celtic today.
“I’m excited about competing for a championship and doing it with this group of guys,” Terry said by phone Friday. “KG [Kevin Garnett], [Rajon] Rondo, Paul Pierce, coach Doc Rivers. These guys are obviously Hall of Famers and they have one thing on their mind, and that’s winning. And that’s what I’m all about and I can’t wait to get that jersey on and get out there in front of the great Boston Celtic fans and perform at a high level."

 Terry -your newest employee #4- shared part of the process through which he became a Celtic, including this nice piece:

Terry said he has exchanged text messages with Garnett, who asked him “Why not?” come to the Celtics when he was mulling his options.

But Rivers got right to the point.

“That conversation was like, ‘We want you. You’re our guy. You’re a priority No. 1 for us after we sign KG. We’re tired of you killing us,’ ’’ Terry said. “That made me feel good. I know he’s a great coach. He commands respect from all his players and it will be no different when I come into town.”

Welcome to Boston, Jason. Glad and honoured to have you around. Now let´s get #18!!