Celtics interested in Dahntay Jones (Part 5)

It seems Dahntay Jones and the Celtics will always be related.

Drafted with the #20 pick in the 2003 NBA draft, Jones was soon after dealt to the Memphis Grizzlies in the deal that got us Kendrick Perkins.

Four years later Dahntay was part of the Celtics crew that flew to Rome for the preseason, the year we won #17. He was cut before the regular season started. Two years later, Danny tried to sign him and offered him a good contract, but like David West last year, he decided to sign with Indiana. The Celtics were offering him more money, but the Pacers gave him a longer contract (4 years/ $10.6 million)

Finally, during the 2011/12 season he was also rumored to be a target by Rivers by the trade deadline, precisely before Kendrick Perkins was shipped out of town. He remained in Indiana and has recently been traded with Darren Collison to Dallas. He still has a year remaining in his contract, but he may be bought out.

We have learned that for the third time, Jones and Celtics may finally work together on a more consistent basis:

I believe this may be an emergency plan for the Celtics provided they are finally unable to land Lee or Mayo in the next hours. The Celtics still need some help from the shooting guard position and Jones would be an ideal candidate for the job. Dahntay is not flashy but is a very athletic and good defensive guard that already knows some of Doc´s plays. He is also not old (31) but has 9 years of experience in the league. For the sake of his flirting with tb´s WTHHT campaign, I would like Dahntay to either sign with us or finish with the story.

Stay tuned for more updates.