Celtics introduce the rookies

Jared Sullinger will wear No. 7, Fab Melo will wear No. 13 and Kris Joseph will wear No. 43.
Pic courtesy Chris Forsberg.

Here's some quotes, courtesy ESPNBoston

Jared Sullinger on his back injury:
"Honestly, I don't have any back problems, but it is what it is," Sullinger said. "I'm just playing basketball now. I finally have a job, and now it's time to take the next step and get ready to play.

Sullinger on falling to 21:
"If you consider me landing to the Boston Celtics a drop, then I'd do it all over again, without a hesitation," Sullinger said. "I mean, honestly, it's been like that all my life. When I was younger, everybody said I was too big. Going into high school, they said I wouldn't be able to play that fast, going into college, I wouldn't be able to keep up. It's just the way I live my life, obviously, so I'm just ready to get started."

Fab Melo on the type of player he is:
"One thing I want to do is just help the team win," said Melo, who was taken by the Celtics at No. 22. "I think I'm good at doing what coach wants me to do, if it's run the floor, or get rebounds, play defense. That's the thing I came here to do, and whatever he wants me to do, I'll be willing to do."

Melo on Kevin Garnett:
"I want to learn from him," Melo said. "He's an energy guy. I have a lot of energy for the game, too. So, with my passion and his passion for the game, I think we're going to do great things."