The Boston Celtics are bigger than any one player

The last couple weeks I've been sitting patiently, waiting for a chance to give my opinion on Ray Allen. Then a couple days ago I realized that I  don't care about Ray Allen any more than I do for any other former Celtic player who went to another team. The Boston Celtics are bigger than any one player. You should care about the name on the front of the jersey not the back.

Let's look at the future shall we.  We are (on paper) far better than last year.  Avery Bradley has just scratched the surface of what he can do offensively, and defensively he's a game changer( buy the shirt). Jason " Dagger Three" Terry will be able to fill Allen's role off the bench and may even be better for us than Allen was. If we get Courtney Lee we are looking at an incredible 4 guard rotation.  Sullinger is a rich man's Big Baby at worst. With Garnett's tutelage the guy is going to be an impact player this year.

Jeff Green is very, very good. You can't expect a guy to be traded in February and just suddenly blossom. He gives us someone who can at least challenge Lebron defensively and can run on the break with Rondo. Speaking of Rondo, I think him and Terry are going to be incredible together. I see that pick and pop game working so well. Plus, Pierce and Garnett still have a couple borderline all star years left. Did I forget to mention we still have the one of the top 3 point guards in the league in his prime in Grand Theft Rondo.  Yes, I'm just a bit excited for this year.

Essentially we have done this so far this off season. We've replaced Ray Allen with Jason Terry, replaced Pietrus with Jeff Green, and replaced Keyon Dooling with (hopefully) Courtney Lee. We've also drafted a former projected #1 pick at #21, a 7 footer with potential( we really don't have much to lose), and a dynamic swing man in the second round.  Also, signing that KG guy for a fairly reasonable price wasn't the worst idea in the world either. Maybe Danny Ainge isn't the horrible GM so many Celtics fans think he is.

The bottom line is we are Celtics fans. If you were a Ray Allen fan before he came to the Celtics than great. After all the guy seems nice enough and He Got Game was a great movie. However, to think of him as a Celtic for life is absurd( as was him saying that). We need to concentrate on the here and now. The Boston Celtics aren't going anywhere. Bleeding Green for life.