What really is a "draft bust"?

This guy was a BUST

I hate the term " draft bust". It gets thrown around so much that it really loses all meaning. If a draft bust is anyone who was good in college that wasn't good in the NBA, than 95% of players drafted in the history of the league have been busts.

In my opinion, the only real draft busts are players that don't crack the rotation of an NBA team that were a top 5 pick.  Just because you never become an all star doesn't mean you were a " bust". Are you getting tired of the word bust yet? I hope so.

That brings me to tonight's picks for the Celtics. By the way, I loved the picks. We needed rebounding and we got two of the best rebounders in college basketball. Well, one of the best rebounders in college basketball and another 7 footer that can be trained(hopefully).  Some of my friends have been saying Sullinger has the potential to be a "bust", but the reality is at #21 that really isn't even possible. In my opinion, the worst case scenario is one of the two don't pan out and we get a solid rotation big man for the next 5 or 6 years. You know what would have happened if we had someone to back up KG this year? An 18th banner. So, yes I'll take that any day of the week.

People always like to point out the negative before the positive in sports. Instead of Sullinger being a former potential #1 pick overall and the best offensive big man in college basketball, it's all about his injuries. As far as Fab Melo and his benching because of academics go, as long as he can grab defensive boards and be a presence inside I don't care if he can't read Dr. Seuss.

I like the picks this year and more importantly I'm excited for the future of this Celtics team. You should be too. The Heat can win 5 titles in a row(which won't happen) and they will never come close to the Celtics tradition. Now, let's add a versatile big man (Josh Smith) bring back Ray and KG, and win another banner. Celtic Pride for life.